Cinnamon Cafe Details

The Cinnamon Coffee Lounge is a 24/7 casual coffee café located at Avari Towers. With a simple, elegant design using furniture reminiscent of the hand carved, Moghul era the Cinnamon is the perfect place to rendezvous with friends, discuss business or simply enjoy a fresh, delightful cup of coffee. At Cinnamon you spoil yourself with the ultimate coffee indulgence. The "Cinnamon Cups" are a blend of the finest Yemeni coffee and further includes a wide range of alternatives including hot chocolate, teas and infusions.

The menu at Cinnamon is both sweet and simple. Using excellent, quality ingredients the Cinnamon prepares some of the freshest and tastiest pastries, sandwiches, deserts and bakery items. Choose oven-hot croissants with butter or sun-dried tomato and olive oil, tiger prawn cocktails or roast beef sandwiches. For those with a sweet tooth the Cinnamon offers its signature sweets which include honey cheese cake, mocha crunch, cinnamon mousse, fresh fruit tarts, apple pie and much more.

The Cinnamon Coffee Lounge welcomes you to its artistic feel and offers a soothing escape for people from all walks of life. From the busy workaholic to the casual traveler this is one peaceful place with a perfect blend of stylish architecture and good food where you can relax and refresh yourself. From light refreshing Cinnamon coolers to a hearty all day Cinnamon sandwich, we have it all under one roof!