The Lakhnavi Details

Lakhnavi cuisine is rooted in ancient Mughal and Persian culinary traditions of the Avadh region, refined to perfection in the 18th century by the renowned gourmet and aesthete Navaab Shuja-ud-Daul`a. His daily repast was said to be prepared in six kitchens each supervised by a highly accomplished Master Chef employing the finest ingredients and imaginative culinary techniques.

In the Lakhnavi and Avadhi ambience haute cusine was integral to practising the high culture of the era steeped in the arts and social graces.

At the "Lakhnavi" we have meticulously researched our menu for selection of dishes, aroma, taste and presentation, drawing directly from original recipes. Only the choicest organic ingredients-and embellishments from saffron to exotic herbs to pure silver foil- are used for your journey into an era of unprecedented refinement and diversity of flavours made possible by reviving traditional skills of culinary preparation.